Hi there! My name is Phoebe Shalloway and I am a game designer, artist, and VJ.
Take a look at my resume here.
I studied Media Studies at Vassar College, Class of 2018, where I focused on narrative and storytelling across media with particular interest in interactive media and video games. During the summer of 2017 I was a Research Fellow in the Computer Science Department at Vassar's Undergraduate Summer Research Institute, where I worked on a modular narrative system for RPGs in Unity that used regular expressions to model story structures. During the Fall semester I worked on prototyping potential directions of expansion for the model as a Computer Science Research Assistant. For my Media Studies senior thesis, I completed Even in Arcadia, an experimental narrative game about people, plants, and interplanetary capitalism, inspired by the Situationist International, the narrative structure of immersive theater, and our current age of the Anthropocene. After graduating I spent a year freelancing and working on personal projects, and now I'm an engineer at Whitethorn Digital in Erie, PA.
I have experience with level design in Unity 3D and GameMaker: Studio, writing for games, art asset design using the Adobe Suite, and programming in C#, Java, and GML. I also have graphic design, audio and video editing, and audiovisual production experience.

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